Unit Template


Why are you spending class time on this? Why would their futures be ruined if they didn't know this?


Overall Expectations

  • From the curriculum docs

Specific Expectations



What the students are expected to know before they can handle this unit. Include a diagnostic test, or point to a unit that you will teach before hand. Ideally, you can get this from the previous grade's curriculum.


What you need to study up on before you can handle this unit. List teacher resources.


What you need or would like in your classroom to do this lesson.


Any community resources you need or could draw on to enhance the project.


What you will be testing in your final, summative test/assignment.

Task Overview

  1. List the steps needed to get your students from the settings to acing the final test.


Level 4
What will your best students do when they finish early, or how you will keep them busy.
Level 1/IEP
What modifications will be applied to the assessment. Differentiated instruction will probably be listed on the individual task plans.

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