ESL/ELL Resources

IELTS Online Practice Material
Randal's ESL Cyber Listenting Lab's ESL page
Dave's ESL Cafe has lots of good ideas for lessons, games, etc.
English Club
Grammarism has lots of exercises and worksheets

Tongue Twisters

3705 Tongue Twisters: the Largest International Collection
Tongue Twister Database


60-second science with transcripts
ESL POD sample converstaions, with transcripts
a4esl podcasts from various sources with transcripts
The English Desk ESL podcasts from Canada. Vignettes with transcripts
Languagecasters Learning english through football. Normal speaking pace with transcripts and explanations of the idioms used.
Business English POD intermediate to advanced podcasts about business english. Transcripts and study guides require paid memberships
ESL Helpdesk Slowly spoken pocasts about english grammar and such, with transcripts. Free registration required

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