Substance Abuse Resources

Community Resources:

Regional Municipality of Waterloo Police Community Resource Officers 519-650-8500x2218
Regional Municipality of Waterloo Public Health 519-621-6110 - A series of forums and events by the Waterloo Region Community Safety and Crim Prevention Council

Curriculum Documents:

OPHEA – Grade 6 Guide GV225.O5.O626
A balanced being : health and physical education : a unit for grade 6 / written by Aquino ... [et al.]. RA440.3.C32O523 2003

Teaching Kits (print and Video or DVD):

Human Relations Media – Abusing Over the Counter Drugs – DVD + fact sheets RM146.7.A38
Also by HRM – The Marijuana Papers: Research Update; Methamphetamines: The Hard Facts; The Truth about Halucinogens; GHB: The Facts; Club Drugs: The Real Deal; Ecstacy: The Facts
The Truth About Drugs, pt. 11 by the Canadian Learning Company GV225.O5.F67
The Fourth R Program – Unit 3: Substance Use and Abuse – Lesson 2 GV225.O5.F67


Reality Matters: Prescription for Trouble RM146.7.R43

Internet: - National Institute on Drug Abuse – info sheets - Canadian Centre of Substance Abuse – especially the library collection - Ecstasy: what we know and don't know about MDMA: a scientific review… - The health and psychological effects of cannabis use… - – Knowzone… - – Crystal Meth Effects - Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission – Get the facts page


Dogs in Space
The Man with the Golden Arm
Drugstore Cowboy


Faces of Meth…


Grisly Effect of One Drug: 'Meth Mouth' – New York Times

Books and articles:

Cannabis and cognitive functioning , Solowij, Nadia. Cambridge, England : Cambridge University Press, 1998
Cannabis science : from prohibition to human right , Böllinger, Lorenz (ed.) Frankfurt am Main, Germany : Peter Lang, 1997
A comparative appraisal of the health and psychological consequences of alcohol, cannabis, nicotine and opiate use , Hall, Wayne; Room, Robin; Bondy, Susan. Toronto, ON : Addiction Research Foundation, 1994
The health effects of cannabis , Kalant, Harold; et al. Toronto, ON : Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 1998

Meta-source: - HBO's The Addiction Project: Web site, DVD with documentaries, plus a book. Specifically the sections “The Science of Relapse”, “Brain Imaging”, “ What is Addiction?” and a number of the interviews - - The Prism Awards: Recognizing the accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction in film, television, interactive, music, DVD, and comic book entertainment. – List of movies about substance abuse – Education Society – search on drugs will pull up dozens of interactive web pages on the effects of drugs.

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