QDPA = Pod Relay

Pod Relay
Angela and Katie

Grade: Junior 4-6
Facility: Classroom
Physical Activity Level: Moderate to Vigorous

Materials: number signs the pods

• Move desks and chairs to create an open space
• Place prepared number signs at 4 equal distances apart, the 4 pods

Warm Up:
• Have students go into scattered position
• Jog on the spot for 2 minutes
• Do “layout” and “pike” 10 times alternatively
• Stretch for 2 minutes

1. Divide class into groups of 4, any other technique you would like

QDPA = A Day at the Zoo

By Alan Russette & Tony Lill


  • The class will be asked to set up in scatter formation
  • The setup is: We are all spending a day at the zoo. But in this particular zoo, we don't believe in keeping animals in cages, so the children have to take the place of the animals.
  • The teacher acts as the Head Zookeeper and calls out the names of the different animals

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