QDPA = Pod Relay

Pod Relay
Angela and Katie

Grade: Junior 4-6
Facility: Classroom
Physical Activity Level: Moderate to Vigorous

Materials: number signs the pods

• Move desks and chairs to create an open space
• Place prepared number signs at 4 equal distances apart, the 4 pods

Warm Up:
• Have students go into scattered position
• Jog on the spot for 2 minutes
• Do “layout” and “pike” 10 times alternatively
• Stretch for 2 minutes

1. Divide class into groups of 4, any other technique you would like
2. In each group, order students from shortest to tallest, number student off from 1 to 4, ie. shortest student would be number 1, and tallest number 4
3. Number 1 from each group will then move over to the corner numbered off “1”, and follow suite until all members are at their numbered corners, number 1 and 4 are in the same corner
4. First student starts relay by lunging over to corner #2 and taps the student from the same team
5. The game continues on until the 4th student has finished their leg of the race
6. The relay is repeated with different movement types: speed walking, hopping, side stepping, marching and galloping, or movements types that students can come up with themselves.
⁃ To get the maximum fitness this could be continuous. This would require that there are 5 students so there is always one student in each corner and one student being active. The 1st and 5th students start in the same corner.
7. While students are waiting for their turn, they have to follow teacher’s instruction to do actions like wall push ups, wall sits, rolling shoulders and moving arms, etc.

Cool down:
▪ Have student slow walk around the classroom for 1 minute
▪ Gently stretch for 1-2 minutes

• If there is more space in the classroom there can be more teams; or, weather permitting, students can be led outside on the playground for this activity
• Relay can be started with different students each time or continuous
• Due to the moving of desks and chairs, the activity is suggested to be done at the end of school days.
• Desks can be moved in different ways according to the space in the classroom
• At the end of the activity, ask the students to assess their safe participation, you want to promote the students moving safely in the classroom

Safety Concerns:
• Be aware of where the desks and chairs are being moved to
• Remind students that pushing or any other kind of physical contact is not permitted
• Make sure all students’ shoelaces are tied and do not have any strings etc. hanging from them due to the close proximity to each other.

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