PE Resources

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Growth & Development

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Growth & Development

Growth Stages During Puberty-Girls and Boys
Kids Health-All About Puberty
Kids Help Phone Girls
Kids Help Phone Boys
P and G School Programs (videos and pamphlets available)
Puberty: The Breast Years Of Your Life-PBS Kids
Sexuality and You
Understanding Physical Changes of Puberty
Physical Aspects of Puberty
Puberty, What's That?
Family Planning Queensland
What is puberty and what's going to happen to my body?


Sex Education: Pesky Puberty


Puberty Boy-Geoff Price
What's Going On Down There?-Karen Gravelle
What's Happening To My Body?-Book For Boys-Lynda Madaras
What's Happening To My Body?-Book For Girls-Lynda Madaras
Ready, Set, Grow- Lynda Madaras
The Period Book- Karen Gravelle and Jennifer Gravelle
Dr. Ruth Talks To Kids: Where You Came From, How Your Body Changes, and What Sex Is All About-Dr. Ruth
"What's Happening to Me? : An Illustrated Guide to Puberty"-Peter Mayle


Always Changing-A guidebook About Puberty

Substance Abuse Resources

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Community Resources:

Regional Municipality of Waterloo Police Community Resource Officers 519-650-8500x2218
Regional Municipality of Waterloo Public Health 519-621-6110 - A series of forums and events by the Waterloo Region Community Safety and Crim Prevention Council

Curriculum Documents:

OPHEA – Grade 6 Guide GV225.O5.O626
A balanced being : health and physical education : a unit for grade 6 / written by Aquino ... [et al.]. RA440.3.C32O523 2003

Teaching Kits (print and Video or DVD):

Human Relations Media – Abusing Over the Counter Drugs – DVD + fact sheets RM146.7.A38
Also by HRM – The Marijuana Papers: Research Update; Methamphetamines: The Hard Facts; The Truth about Halucinogens; GHB: The Facts; Club Drugs: The Real Deal; Ecstacy: The Facts
The Truth About Drugs, pt. 11 by the Canadian Learning Company GV225.O5.F67
The Fourth R Program – Unit 3: Substance Use and Abuse – Lesson 2 GV225.O5.F67


Reality Matters: Prescription for Trouble RM146.7.R43

Internet: - National Institute on Drug Abuse – info sheets - Canadian Centre of Substance Abuse – especially the library collection - Ecstasy: what we know and don't know about MDMA: a scientific review… - The health and psychological effects of cannabis use… - – Knowzone… - – Crystal Meth Effects - Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission – Get the facts page


Dogs in Space
The Man with the Golden Arm
Drugstore Cowboy


Faces of Meth…


Grisly Effect of One Drug: 'Meth Mouth' – New York Times

Books and articles:

Cannabis and cognitive functioning , Solowij, Nadia. Cambridge, England : Cambridge University Press, 1998
Cannabis science : from prohibition to human right , Böllinger, Lorenz (ed.) Frankfurt am Main, Germany : Peter Lang, 1997
A comparative appraisal of the health and psychological consequences of alcohol, cannabis, nicotine and opiate use , Hall, Wayne; Room, Robin; Bondy, Susan. Toronto, ON : Addiction Research Foundation, 1994
The health effects of cannabis , Kalant, Harold; et al. Toronto, ON : Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 1998

Meta-source: - HBO's The Addiction Project: Web site, DVD with documentaries, plus a book. Specifically the sections “The Science of Relapse”, “Brain Imaging”, “ What is Addiction?” and a number of the interviews - - The Prism Awards: Recognizing the accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction in film, television, interactive, music, DVD, and comic book entertainment. – List of movies about substance abuse – Education Society – search on drugs will pull up dozens of interactive web pages on the effects of drugs.