Teaching Music to Muslims

Read an interesting article on the web while doing some research for a Music assignment. It talks about the issues surrounding teaching Music to Muslims, and also touches on dance and drama. For example, beyond a certain age, it's unacceptable to teach these things in a co-ed situation (or even at all). This has implications not only for music and drama class, but also PE. The article is at http://portal.unesco.org/culture/es/files/21797/10892133673harris.pdf/h…

In the Mind's Eye - a series of forums on Substance Abuse

I recently did an assignment for PE and Health to build a resource list to teach a unit on substance abuse, so an article in this week's Cambridge Times caught my eye. Former drug addict, gang member, outlaw biker, and convict Rick Osbourne gave a talk on the dangers of drugs, gangs and prisons. It was part of a In the Minds Eye http://www.inthemindseye.ca - an annual series of events and forums presented by the Waterloo Region Community Safety & Crime Prevention Council. Rick now holds an addiction careworker diploma and a psychology degree.

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