Classroom Web Site in Language Arts Instruction

Using a web site as a core piece of your language arts teaching opens up a number of possibilities for ties with the reading part of the curriculum.
It can be used anywhere a class newspaper would be used.
It can also be used as the organizing entity for your start of day routines. You can set up daily features as well as adding any interesting articles you've found or any date specific web sites.

Spinalist Tips

The Spinalist Tips webpage is full of tips on how to live with a spinal injury, from picking things up to going to the bathroom. This could be used in a lesson on empathy, since it gives concrete examples of what everyday life is like for a disabled person.

What I learned this week

If you are using a smart board, be aware that having children fill in data or answers can take a long time, leading to boredom and management issues. As an alternative, leave the pages up and have the children fill in the data on their own during the day.

The children tend to start loosing it toward the end of Friday afternoon. It's best to give in and spend the last 10 - 15 minutes doing cleanup (especially if it's an art period).

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