Academic Science 10

Atomic structure

Chem4Kids - Atom Basics
Atomic Structure - introduction to periodic table is good, the rest is best left for university

Ionic Compounds

Polyatomic ions

Molecular Compounds

Acid-Base Reactions

Wisc-Online Acid-Base Reactions


VisionLearning - whole chemistry course
Naming Compounds
Aus-E-Tute - Awsome site for chemistry tutorials for highschool
Chemical Reaction Worksheets
Chemical Reactions - with activities, labs and links.
Naming Polyatomic Ions


  • Cell cycle
  • Cell specialization
  • Organs and systems

Earth Sciences

Climate change - greenhouse effects - carbon cycle


Introductory book on physics. An OK section on reflections and refraction
Optics4Kids Not as deep as the above, but a better intro to concepts, plus interactives and experiments.


Mr. Murrays IPC Worksheets

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